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News & Reports News Page Our own news page jumping point. Contains links to the Hotlist Forum, WildWeb Dispatch Centers, News Searches, GACC reports, Maps, & Online Scanners.
National Fire Situation Report
~~ pdf format
The daily Situation report listing fire summary, large fires, and resources being used.
National GACC Website Portal

Fire Intelligence by GACC: Situation Report & evolving News/Notes


NIFC's (National) Fire News National Interagency Fire Center's fire news. Provides statistical fire data and a detailed list of wildland fires by state.- and Large Fire Map, during fire season only.
NPS Morning Report Daily reports from - the National Park Service.
Inciweb (Incident Information System) Provides current LARGE INCIDENT information that users can sort by incident name or state.
Practical: Newspapers worldwide
The Paperboy
Comprehensive, searchable listing of around 5,000 newspapers worldwide, Internet news services, media resources, and online magazines. For digging deeper in the mainstream media.


NIFC Predictive Services National Interagency Fire Center Predictive Services
NOAA -Satellite & Information Services National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Fire and Smoke Products (Red Flag Warnings, Fire Weather Watches, Hazard Mapping, Web Based GIS, Archive of fire files, etc & Satellite Imagery (Fire Monitoring & Fire Events and GOES Image Archives)
NOAA -Western States - National Fire Weather Quick links to all Western National Weather Service area forecasts, Red Flag Warnings . .and much MUCH more.
CA Fire Weather North Zone &
CA Fire Weather South Zone
Fire Weather Predictive Service Forecasts from CWCG (California Wildfire Coordinating Group)
Northern Area (Redding) and Southern Area (Riverside).

Weekly NIFC Fire Wx Briefings
(Podcasts (v), pdf files, doc files, etc)

NIFC Monthly Wildland Fire Outlook
(pdf file)

Predictive Fire Weather Briefing by GACC (daily, weekly or monthly) Seasonally Active!

  • ONCC (webpage daily)
  • OSCC (video daily) (currently inactive)
  • NWCC
  • Alaska (pdf last of season 9/3/10)
  • NRCC (video daily)
  • EGBC (pdf monthly when in season)
  • WGBC (video daily when in season)
  • RMCC (video daily)
  • SWCC (webpage daily)
  • EACC (video weekly)
  • SACC (images, daily, hit STOP at any time. when in season)
NOAA Storm Prediction Center NOAA Storm Prediction Center, including severe weather watches
*Regional NOAA Satellite & Radar Imagery Nice utility. Select 1KM products, then Visible click the dot covering the area you want to look at. More options there. USA only. From College of DuPage Next Generation Weather Lab.
NOAA Satellite Services For checking fire locations from space as well as smoke and hotspots; current and archived incidents worldwide
NASA GOES 8 & 10 main page Western hemisphere satellite weather images main page. See also the link below.
NASA GOES 8 Interactive -- WEST To see animated smoke plumes of specific North American fires, click the link, set controls on Show an "Animation" and Quality: "100%". Then click the state or region you want to view close up. (Do not click the large blue "Animate image below" button.) It takes a few moments to load. There's also GOES EAST.
NASA GHCC NASA Global Hydrology & Climate Center (worldwide satellite images)
Practical: NWS  RAWS by location (Interagency) Remote Automated Weather Stations RAWS
Practical: ROMAN Real Time RAWS
by location
Info: Maps, weather summary, wind speeds, RH, precip, etc; weather near fires
National Weather Service: Fire Weather Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches
MesoWest  Weather summaries from around the US. Click on a location and get current conditions. Choose a fire and get current conditions near that location. Useful easy-to-access site for basic current information.
Intellicast Main page for US and world weather forecasts, radar, & satellite images.
The Weather Channel More weather.
Practical: NOAA National Weather Forecast. Enter your location, get your forecast. Includes extreme weather warnings
Windmap Untraditional Map of winds..."a personal art project"...  Surface wind data from National Digital Forecast Database.
Various Good Lightning & Severe Weather Sites
Vaisala Lightning Expl *CONUS Strikestar
Intellicast   /   Interactive *CONUS  
Weather CONUS ElDorado Wx CA
Acuweather Stormview CA
NOAA Aviation Wx Sloweather SoCal
Wunderground With options to turn weather and fire features off and on.
HOTLIST on lightning Other Lightning Sites


Terraserver USA Terraserver, good for finding a topo map that goes with a fire lat/long. View and print satellite images/topo maps of most US areas.
Current Earthquake Activity Seismicity maps of recent earthquake activity in the USA or around the world.
GEOMAC From the Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group. Click the GEOMAC button on the left to go to current wildland fire sit maps.
Detected Large Incidents Map From NIFC
NOAA Fire Detection Viewer: Hotspots From NOAA
MODIS Active Fire Mapping Program Browse the site.
Global Fire Maps Global 10-day fire maps are generated using the MODIS Rapid Response fire locations to represent the current fire activity across the world.
MapQuest Online travel planner, address-finder, route-mapper. Printing options.
Google Maps Excellent mapping utility and travel planner - versatile.
Google Earth Website with download link
Fire Danger Map Fire danger from the Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS). (explanation)
Lg Fire Potential and Fire Potential Indexes Links to maps showing Greenness of the Conterminous U.S.
Large Fire Probability Map Fire potential from the WFAS (explanation)
Lightning Ignition Efficiency From WFAS (explanation)
Drought Monitor Map Monitors drought. From the National Drought Mitigation Center.
Dead Fuel Moisture Maps from WFAS
Live Fuel Moisture (shrub)
Practical: California Road Closure Site Enter the road number and see if it is closed to traffic due to wildfire or anything else.

Federal Pages

Practical: Find a USFS Employee Look up US Forest Service employees, find their email address, work location, and telephone numbers.
Practical: Find a NPS Employee NPS employees; plus, page also has link to a listing of parks and park phone numbers.
Practical: NWCG Sit / 209 (no longer has a page; required password) NWCG sit report and 209.
Archive: Previous years ICS 209s (no password required)

Type I IIM Teams (National) &
Type II IIM Teams (Regional) &
Area Command Teams
Find out where the Teams are fighting fire.
Links to National Type I Interagency Incident Management Teams and GACCs page.
Links to Type II Interagency Incident Management Teams page.
Links to Area Command Team website page.
ROSS For dispatchers with questions about the Resource Ordering and Status System.
NIFC National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, ID
USDA's Home Page US Department of Agriculture home page.
Forest Service National Page Documents, mission statements, links, etc.
USFS National Alphabetical Links Basically a site map - easy to find info on the FS including links to forest locations, maps and phone numbers, publications, speeches, documents and congressional records, to name a few.
Forest Service Fire & Aviation The main page of the largest wildland firefighting organization in the world.
FAM Links to People in Fire A page of links to hotshot info, helitack, handcrews, partners, smokejumpers.
R5 FAM What's happening in CA.
BLM National Page Documents, mission statements, links, etc.
BLM Fire & Aviation US Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Fire & Aviation Page.
Alaska BLM Fire What's happening up North?
NM BLM Fire NM Fire site.
NPS National Page Documents, mission statements, links, etc.
NPS Current Wildland Fires NPS Fire Reports and Archives Page
NPS Fire Net US Department of Interior, National Park Service - Fire Net
US FWS Fire Management US Dept of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service - Fire
BIA Fire Bureau of Indian Affairs, Wildland Fire and Aviation Management
FEPP Federal Excess Personal Property, a source for used firefighting equipment.
USFS Tech & Dev Center Publications All the publications from the USFS Technology & Development Centers in Missoula and San Dimas. User name= t-d. Password= t-d. Check out new safety items, equipment and ongoing projects.
Fire Management Today Publication Journal:  A clearinghouse for new techniques, technologies, and ideas in wildland firefighting.
Practical: Contact Your Congressional Representatives
US Senate Directory
House of Representatives Directory
Speak your mind. Email your views. Contact your legislators; let them know what you think and how their voting affects your life. If you don't like their track record, help support a new intelligent candidate capable of negotiating compromise.
Competitive Sourcing Resources Info on competitive outsourcing, including how to influence the outcome of legislation.
Practical: ICS Unit Identifiers for R5 Forests ICS unit identifiers for National Forests in CA and links to them (quick).
Practical: NWCG - ICS Unit Identifiers ICS unit identifiers for ALL cooperators in the US in rich text format.

State Wildland Fire Pages

Alaska Div of Forestry Alaska Division of Forestry wildland fire and aviation.
Arizona Forestry Division ADF does the fire side of things in AZ.
California Dept of Forestry
*Current Fire Information*
All about the CDF FIRE. If you can't find it here, the Site Map for the easiest way to navigate. Also: CA Statewide Fire Map
Colorado State Forest Service
*Emergency Management*
Colorado FS and Fire.
Florida Div of Forestry Florida Fire and Forest Protection.
Georgia Forestry Commission Has fire danger ratings, current GA fire news releases and photo maps. (dropdown menu)
Hawaii Div of Forestry and Wildlife Fire Management in Hawaii.
ID Dept of Lands Forest Fire Page Idaho Department of Lands, Fire Management. Also some history of interest: Forest Fires in Idaho
Indiana Dept of Natural Resources Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Fire Management.
Kansas Forest Service- Fire One of the smallest but fastest growing wildland programs among state agencies. (check their site map for more)
Kentucky Division of Forestry KY Fire site.
Louisiana Dept of Ag & Forestry Forest protection. Rx burn, Fire weather, WUI info
Michigan Natural Resources Fire Management, Reports, etc.
Minnesota Dept of NR From the land 'o lakes. Fire
Montana Montana Fire & Aviation Management.
Nevada Division of Forestry Fire Info in NV.
New Hampshire  
New Jersey Forest Fire Service Nice site. Check out fire in the Pine Barrens.
New Mexico Fire Info
North Carolina Forest Resources NC Division of Forest Resources, Fire Control and Prevention
North Dakota Forest Service Wildland Fire Resources
Oklahoma Wildland Fire
Oklahoma Fire (OSU)
Oklahoma fire info.
Some excellent decision support programs at OK Fire. Also:
Oregon Department of Forestry Lot'sa good info here.
PA Forest Fire Protection All about wildland fire in Pennsylvania.
SC Forestry Commission South Carolina Forestry and Fire. (Historical Fire page from 1998!)
South Dakota State Forestry South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division
Tennessee Dept of Agriculture Tennessee Fire Info from fire weather to daily fire report.
Texas Forest Service Fire
Texas Fire Activity Map
Pertaining to . . . Texas Fire! ** 4/9/2009 TX Fire Outbreak Report by Brad Smith (HUGE 13,587K pdf file) **
Utah Forestry Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands. Fire Management
Virginia DOF Fire The great state of VA... forest protection and fire prevention
Washington DNR Fire Washington Forest Fire Information.
West Virginia  
Wisconsin Dept of NR WI Dept of Natural Resources.

Worldwide Wildland

FireGlobe Website of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), an Activity of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Many links, some nice photos.
Forest Fire in Canada National fire site from the Canadian Forest Service, in English and French.
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center
Canadian Sit Report Canadian Forest Service Fire Situation Report.
Europe Interagency
Pau Causta Foundation Excellent new site and organization.
FireBreak On bushfire with some nice photos of Aussie fires and some good links.
Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) Australasia's fire, land management and emergency service knowledge sharing website.
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Excellent reports on fire research in different fuel types; stay or go; aerial firefighting costs, etc
Dept of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) Australia, Victoria: Fire & Other Emergencies: what's happening with resources and environment
Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) Fire protection for the community
New South Wales (NSW) Fire Brigades What these Aussie firefighters do, photos, glossary of fire terms, etc.
NSW Rural Fire Service Info about New South Wales (AU) bushfire.
New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service Includes fire and park closure
Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria Info about Victoria bushfire. Including the Linton Inquiry: involves the death of 5 firefighters in a vehicle burnover in Australia in December 1998.
Country Fire Service (CFS), South AU With info on Aussie homeowner protection, current fire bans, incidents and media releases.
Tasmania Fire Service Includes information on current fire restrictions and current fire situation.
Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service Park closures and links to some fire news.
New Zealand  
New Zealand's National Rural Fire Authority As stated. Plus: New Zealand's Fire Service, NZ's national urban fire service (structures in cities and towns).
S Africa  
Working on Fire: South Africa South Africa´s wildland fire agency, plus their Firewise site.
Kwazulu Natal Fire Protection Association (KZNFPA) Many resources, Natal Midlands part of Africa
Zululand Fire Protection Services Zululand Fire, Coastal South Africa
National Fire Center of Russia Wish I could read it...
Practical: Online Conversion Converts measurements of all kinds from all over the world so you can understand what you're reading.

Practical: Sunrise-Sunset Compute and print sunrise, sunset, & twilight charts for cities and airports worldwide in local time zone.
Practical: Airport Identification AirNav: Find that elusive airport acronym by city, name, identifier, or browse by State.
Practical: Logistics World: Airport Locator, ICAO, and IATA Airport Codes Lookup Similar to AirNav, but seems to be updated more often.
Practical: Aircraft Registration Inquiry For looking up N-numbers, Aircraft serial numbers, ownership, etc.
NIFC on Aviation  
Aviation Safety System Including links to SAFECOMs, Safety Alerts, Lessons Learned, Reports and the Aviation Mishap Information System, an electronic data (files) storage based system encompassing all aspects of aviation mishap reporting within the U.S. Forest Service.
Practical: FlightAware Near "real time" tracking of flights. For security reasons, there is a 12 minutes delay on aircraft locations.
Practical: Flight Delay Information - Air Traffic Control System Command Center Handy for those taking or waiting for a flight.
Aviation Management ( Aviation Management, DOI. (historical site on the way back machine archive '98-'08)
AMD Billee Code Table 52 page pdf file
Assn. AirTanker Pilots
now Associated Aerial Firefighters
The Association of AirTanker Pilots and Aerial Support People Historical Message Board (way back machine - gives the flavor)
NTSB Investigation Lookup National Transportation Safety Board Lookup. To find info on present or past investigations
Welcome to Heavens-Above! People are always saying how beautiful the night sky is either while in fire camp or on the line. Great site for finding out what that thing was flying over you in the middle of the night. Can be location specific via GPS (if you're in the middle of no-where) and the scheduled times shown are spot on - best part, is it's all FREE! TJ

Miscellaneous Wildland Pages (acronyms, historical, honoring, fun, caring for our own)
Fire Acronyms Most complete list on the planet.
Red Card Mnemonics Acronyms for Red Card positions in fire. (70 K pdf file)
NWCG Fire Glossary (html) For the pdf version: 2012 NWCG glossary PMS205.pdf (825 K pdf file)
Stress Reactions ... and what to do to reduce them.
California FIRE Links, 2006 Information on the California Fires, 2006. (These fire links pages were replaced in 2007 by the Hotlist, Initial & Extended Attack auto-posting forum.)
Southern California FIRE Links, 2005 Information on the SoCal fires, Fall 2005.
CA Fire Links, 2004 Information on the California Fires, 2004.
FIRE Links, 2004
A list of all large and small wildland fires of 2004 that have websites with info, maps, photos, and press releases. Arranged by state and then chronologically.
Southern California FIRE Links, 2003 Information on the SoCal fires, Fall 2003.
FIRE Links, 2003
A list of all large and small wildland fires of 2003 that have websites with info, maps, photos, and press releases. Arranged by state and then chronologically.
FIRE Links, 2002 A list of all large and small wildland fires of 2002 that have websites with info, maps, photos, and press releases. Arranged by state and then chronologically.
California, Washington & Oregon FIRE Links, 2001 A list of FS FAM and CDF links to fires that burned in 2001. Photos and maps available at most incident sites. Great for research or browsing the past fire season.
Practical: WayBack Machine For searching for old web archives. The web has mushroomed since we began posting in 1999 and even obtaining and reporting the simplest of fire information during the 2001 fires.
Wildland Firefighter Foundation The Wildland Firefighter Foundation, a nonprofit organization, provides emergency financial assistance to the families of fallen firefighters, and helps support their young children. Families left behind often find themselves with few resources, and the Foundation steps in to help.
USFS Honor Guard (historical from 2004) True statement: The Honor Guard represents the professionalism, dignity and honor of the Forest Service. Thank you Honor Guard. Ab.
A Hotshot Photo Journal An ex-hotshot's photos. (Currently unavailable, but we're hoping to locate its owner and make it available again.)
Spotfire Images By Mike McMillan. A fine fire smokejumper photo journal site.
National Agricultural Library This one is in an obscure place. Some cool historic photos here, but they are all in GIF format, so they are big. For some examples, see our Equipment 2 Photo Page.
Incident Command System ICS: Jake's good explanation of how it works
IMWTK Inquiring Minds Want to Know firefighting history. If you have any additions, send 'em in. Ab.
Funny Fire Terms & Nicknames Terms we use and names we call ourselves and each other. All in good fun. Ab.
Quotes to Live By A few quotes that are thought provoking; some are serious and some are for fun. Begun 2003. If you have any additions, send 'em in. Ab.
SCRATCHlines One Liners from wildland firefighters, begun 2004. Send us your own! Ab.
Tactical Truths to Live By From BLM Bob, 2000.

Just One More Time...

Memories of those who have seasons of firefighting under their belts and might be looking at retirement... Are you nearing retirement? Have any memorable moments to share?
I Remember How aspects of firefighting have changed... Send in any additions. Ab.
Wildland Firefighter Awards ****** Who we honor.
Wildland Memorial Sites There are many memorials and at least one Monument to fallen wildland firefighters on forests and in parks around the West and across the US. Here's the beginning of our list.
Memorial to Paul Gleason Father of LCES.
Always Remember our Fallen Part Memorial, part historical reference, in service of Just Culture and Lessons Learned.

Job Related Links

Interagency Hotshot Crew List Current listing of National Interagency Hotshot Crews with contact links.
California Interagency Hotshot Crews Historical and up-to-date info to California IHC websites. Recording the history.
California Smokejumpers California Smokejumpers home page.
National Association of Smokejumpers Anything you want to know about Smokejumping.
Jobs Will be updated. Used to be Federal Office of Personnel. Used to be able to search for fire related positions use the 0462 (forestry) or 0455 (range) series.
USFS Fire Employment Forest Service specific fire employment with many "How To" and other links.
Department of Interior Fire Jobs Apply for temp jobs with Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), National Park Service (NPS) and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) online
BLM Fire Employment Bureau of Land Management specific fire employment.
NPS Employment Information on fire hiring for the National Park Service. Also this Utility
National Forests by Region You need to know the region or forest you are interested in, an excellent source of phone numbers, link on left.
Firefighter Wanta Be's Q&A Questions from those wanting to be wildland firefighters with answers from professional wildland firefighters on topics ranging from what is a redcard and how do I get one to how do I get the training, etc. Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Training & Education

Fire Leadership for the Professional For the Do It Yourselfer: Lots of good leadership stuff with enough leadership reading material to keep you occupied for a year or so. Maybe longer.
Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center An Interagency Resource Center that focuses on Research and Analysis, Knowledge Management, and Information Transfer with the objectives of sharing knowledge to improve safety, performance, efficiency and organizational learning throughout the entire wildland fire community.
Safety Refresher Training Resources Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)
Alaska Training Training from the Alaska Fire Service...
Arizona Wildfire Academy Provide training to 600-800 students annually; 8 day session, run like a fire camp.
Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program (CA) Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program, under the auspices of R5 FAM, with the goal of making wildland firefighting your profession. Located at McClelland CA (Sacramento). Wildland firefighters, you must be hired to be sponsored for this program. Contact your forest or your local sponsoring agency. Ab note: College students who want to make wildland fire a career, ask about the STEP program.

Colorado Firecamp

Colorado Firecamp offers NWCG wildland firefighter training that fits your schedule and budget. Great instructors, great location and great food.
Colorado Wildfire Academy Held annually in June (large academy) provides interagency training courses ranging from basic FF1 to advanced IMT training to more than 900 people annually.
Campbell Prediction System (CPS) Information on the Campbell Prediction System and the course Wildland Fire Signature Prediction Method, a stand alone course, invaluable for those wanting to understand fire behavior.
Emxsys Home of CPS an open source software application built for the wildland firefighting community by Bruce Schubert and based on the Campbell Prediction System.
Wildland Fire Training Good training website. It has great links to training courses offered in different Geographic Areas, MATS, NWCG training, and other links.
National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI) A national level center for strategic planning, development, and implementation of fire, fuels, resource, and incident management skills and educational processes. Formerly NARTC.
National Fire Academy U.S. Fire Administration fire training academy.
NY Wildfire & Incident Mgt. Academy New York's interagency academy, offering courses meeting NWCG standards.
Utah Wildfire Academy Training in Utah.
CA Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) No cost, California Regional Occupational Training Programs (ROP) in Fire Science, FF1, S130, S190, First Responder, etc.
National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center The NIPFTC utilizes a program in which trainees complete parts of the NWCG approved prescribed fire task books under the guidance of fire training professionals. Located in Tallahassee FL.
2- and 4-year Schools in Fire Science A page of links to 2 and 4-yr Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities with fire science and fire ecology/forestry programs. (There are more 2 yr firefighter training programs than are on our list, but ours is a very good starting place.)
Interagency Aviation Training Features fire aviation position descriptions and requirements; online modules (web-based training); instructor-led class schedule; registration for on-line and classroom training; commonly asked questions; news and events; IAT program information; and an outstanding fire aviation glossary. Full list of OAS Training.
List of Universities offering IFPM Web-based Courses -- from U Idaho *For Fire Managers seeking to meet natural resources requirements* (so you can be classified as a biologist: OPM Series 401)
NWCG Publications, including D-310-1 and the
PMS 310-1, Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide (pdf file)
Links to the Wildland Fire Qualifications (D-310-1), Wildland Rx Fire Complexity Rating System Guide, NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog, ICS forms other NWCG docs (some in .pdf format). PMS 310-1, that provides national minimum requirements for wildland firefighting personnel.
FSH 5109.17 USFS Fire & Aviation Management Qualifications Handbook - primary position qualification requirements guide for Forest Service employees; supplements the NWCG Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1. Forest Service Handbook 5100 /// 5126.4 Duty Officer Qualifications
NWCG Taskbooks Task books for air operations, command and staff, expanded dispatch, finance, logistics, ops, planning, and prescribed fire.
Wildfire Education Links for Teachers For school TEACHERS, a page of wildland links to materials including wildfire safety, fire ecology, stories, lesson plans, etc. Also links to info on creating defensible space - and educating the adult public. (Links updated 3/22/12.)

Federal Employees Pages

FWFSA The Federal Wildland Fire Service Association. Go to their page, download the application form and join NOW! It's never too late to make a difference!
2012 Salaries & Wages Federal GS wage tables from OPM.
Federal Per Diem Rates Quick link to find nationwide travel and per diem rates.
OPM: Planning for Retirement From OPM. Interactive. Includes projected Federal annuity and Thrift Savings Plan benefits to help you quickly identify approximately how much you need to save to fund a comfortable retirement.
Federal Thrift Savings Plan Check your account balance and current rates of return on your retirement investment. PIN required.
Federal Office of Personnel Management That would be the OPM page for short. Excellent site, easily navigable, tons of information.
Employee Express Federal workers can check/change tax deductions, payroll deductions, and much more from here.
FEDweek Electronic weekly newsletter for Federal Employees, free but heavy self-advertising.

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center An Interagency Resource Center that focuses on Research and Analysis, Knowledge Management, and Information Transfer with the objectives of sharing knowledge to improve safety, performance, efficiency and organizational learning throughout the entire wildland fire community.
Lessons Learned Search Utility Find some reviews and reports on serious incidents.
Fire Leadership Excellent collection of resources to develop leadership skills, thereby improving safety.
Six Minutes for Safety Federal Fire & Aviation Safety Team (FFAST) with NIFC present short safety review "lessons". One a day...

Safety Advisory: SAFENET System Update (pdf file)

Wildland Fire Safety & Health Network. The purpose of SAFENET is: (1) To provide reporting and documentation of unsafe situations or close calls. (2) To provide a means of sharing safety information throughout the fire community. (3) To provide long-term data that will result in identifying trends. Provide information online via the SAFENET site. If necessary, you may call. The phone number for providing a verbal safenet is 888.670.3938. You can leave a detailed message, which will be transcribed and posted to the Internet database.
SAFECOM Aviation Safety Communiqué; This database fulfills the Aviation Mishap Information System (AMIS) requirements for aviation mishap reporting for the DOI agencies and the USFS. Categories of reports include incidents, hazards, maintenance, and airspace.
10 & 18's 10 Standard Fire Orders & 18 Watchouts.
LCES Lookouts - Communications - Escape Routes - Safety Zones.
Interagency Resource Pocket Guide
(little yellow book all firefighters should carry with them)
Take note of the medical section and the Medical Incident Report (p108)
Work Capacity Test or Pack Test Work Capacity Testing Information, including informed consent form, health screening questionnaire, and more. pdf on the WCT
Wildland FF Fatalities 1990-1998 Summarizes the causes of death for 133 persons who died while involved in fighting wildland fires in the US, analyzed by geographic area and by agency.
Firefighter Safety Awareness Study
Phase I   Phase II   Phase III
A three part study following the South Canyon tragedy in 1994 to identify the organizational culture, leadership, human factors, and other issues impacting firefighter safety and to set and implement goals for improving safety. Part III, "Implementing Cultural Changes for Safety" is the roadmap for where we're going.
Documents Worth Reading Archives Collected through the years.
HOTLIST Lessons Learned and Safety Zone Archive Reports and Safety Alerts as they come to us.
1995 Human Factors Workshop
Findings from the Wildland Firefighters
Human Factors Workshop

Table of Contents and Introduction.
HumanFactorsWksp_1995_Part1.pdf  (660 K pdf)
Overview of workshop activities and findings.
HumanFactors_Wksp_1995_Part2.pdf  (1,040 K pdf)
Discussion of workshop recommendations.
HumanFactors_Wksp_1995_Part3.pdf  (1,140 K pdf)
Appendices including the four key note presentation papers.
HumanFactors_Wksp_1995_Part4.pdf  (441 K pdf)


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